Using Kepler Nvidia GPU with Wayland (Sway)

Nvidia dropped support for Kepler GPUs with 470xx series driver. And that driver still doesn't have GBM support, so you can't use modern Wayland compositors without EGL streams support. I still have a couple of Kepler GPUs that are quite a bit more... Continue Reading

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Linux Secure boot with encryption and TPM

I used to think that secure boot and tpm are just gimmicky features, that don't really help with security. But if you set up everything correctly, you'll get a somewhat steal proof computer (depenging on the UEFI and linux passwords strength) without... Continue Reading

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Linux Blu-ray backup storage

I use BD-RE disks as a backup storage (combined with HDDs and cloud storage). Because the usual way of using optical media implies wiping the whole disk to remove/add/change a file, I decided to experiment with different solutions. Actually, you can... Continue Reading

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Linux Server from an Android smartphone

Most of the smartphones have quite powerful processors (better than even raspberry pi 4 has), 2 or more gigabytes of RAM and some storage that is faster than a lot of SD cards. Wouldn't it be nice if you could host a site, game server or media storage... Continue Reading

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