A few months ago I've tried to host an Ace of Spades server on a raspberry pi 4. It kinda worked and there was no lag during the game, but map loading took too much time, so players got disconnected between rounds.
I stopped trying to solve that issue and forgot about it.
In the mean time, I dropped my laptop a few times. The display broke, so it wasn't comfortable to use. I decided to buy a new one and repurpose the old one as a server for self hosting. It now hosts pretty much everything I have, including this blog.
Considering the laptop is a lot more powerful than a raspberry pi 4, I decided to try and host a game server again.
Most of the popular servers are hosted in the US, so I have pretty bad ping (e.g. 190ms to aloha.pk).
I also noticed when spectating other players their camera moves are jerky. Turns out Piqueserver has an update rate of just 10Hz for movement. That is very low! I decided to try and raise it a bit (up to 20Hz). Not all clients support that, but they just fall back to 10Hz.
The file you wanna edit to change the network update rate is pyspades/constants.py.

I don't have a static IP, so sometimes server IP lease time ends and everyone gets disconnected. That shouldn't happen more than once every 24h. Yes, MY SERVER SUCKS!

There isn't a lot of rules: just don't hack, don't votekick for no reason and be nice to each other.

Sadly, I don't have a lot of time to maintain the server. You can leave a comment here if someone is hacking or PM me on telegram.
My discord is Ilya_MZP#6990.

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  • LeandroCzbr

    Can you contact me at discord i sended you a friend request, my name is ! !Leandro#6007