This is the first post on this blog.
I desided to scrap my old blog completely. It was based on static pages and required a standalone script to add new posts.
Today I desided to give a try to Bluelog. It's a flask based blog. I did make some minor modifications, i.e. removed email support. I don't yet have proper email server setup, so all notifications would go to spam anyway. And I don't want someone to abuse it.
Why bluelog? I'm just used to working with flask and it looks nice. Sadly, it is no longer maintaned, but I updated all dependencies. Here's the github fork.
I have no idea how secure it is. Hopefully secure enough for my use.
There's only web servers currently running on my raspberry pi: this blog, qbittorrent and photo gallery.
I moved everything music related to Redmi 5 Plus. It runs arch linux arm, not android. I'll try and write how I made it work in the next post.

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